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Write On Review-a-thon [51]

It's time for another installment of the Write On Review-a-thon. YAY!

A little about the Review-a-thon:
Brought to you by Reading the Paranormal and the #boutofbooks-ers facebook group. This monthly review-a-thon is a chance to get caught up on outstanding reviews. Bring your to-be-reviewed list, block out some time, write reviews. It's that simple.
This month's review-a-thon will run from Friday, April 27th to Sunday, April 29th.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Lonesome Paladin by S.M. Reine [Review]

 Lonesome Paladin by S.M. Reine
Lonesome Paladin (A Fistful of Daggers #1) by S.M. Reine
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for review
Date read: April 13, 2018

A Fistful of Daggers
1. Lonesome Paladin - Kindle
2. Spellsmoke

S.M. Reine
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
God is dead. Lincoln Marshall knows who killed Him...

It's been a month since apocalypse destroyed the world as Lincoln Marshall once knew it. The new world is populated by deadly faeries, wild shapeshifters, and humans without a god. Lincoln's sins can never be absolved now that God is dead. There's nothing left for him but the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

Until Cesar Hawke comes seeking help. The undersecretary of the new Office of Preternatural Affairs has manifested uncontrollable magical powers. The only cure lies beyond the frontier of the untamed faerie worlds -- a land that no mortal man can survive. He needs Lincoln to escort him to the Winter Queen through hostile territory riddled by killer unicorns, doppelgangers, and false prophets. No big deal.

Lincoln Marshall once conquered Hell. He's certain he can conquer the Middle Worlds too -- and if he can't, he's happy to die trying.
Thoughts on Lonesome Paladin: Helloooo, Lincoln. I didn't know I missed him until I started reading his book. Because, man, he's messed up something fierce. Considering it's only been a month-ish since Genesis, the messed up thing is totally understandable. Buuuuuut, he was kinda messed up before Genesis and things have only gotten worse for the poor guy.

And by "worse," I mean he'd actively picking fights with anyone and everyone and he doesn't really care whether he lives or dies.

Then Cesar crosses his path. THINGS HAPPEN and suddenly Lincoln has a purpose again. It might be only short term, but, the way I see it, he's one of those guys who needs something to do or bad things happen around him. Mostly because he instigates those bad things, but let's not dwell on that, shall we? Idle hands and all that, blah, blah, blah.

I'm really digging this look into both Lincoln and Cesar before they've reached their final evolution. Or whatever you want to call it. This is them before they're them again and that's kinda neat. I like seeing how they went from one thing (in Cesar's case, a magically allergic witch who wasn't all that good at witchery) to another (still Cesar, a sexy, sexy creature of glitter and light) (I might be exaggerating a wee bit) (just a little, though). Plus, there's the whole thing where OPA is stepping in to fill the void Genesis caused in the infrastructure of EVERYTHING and I've kinda lost my train of thought now.

The point I'm trying to make is Lincoln's story is fascinating. Because the Lincoln we knew before and the Lincoln we knew after have two very different mindsets and I'm excited to see him change.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Combat Support by Lindsay Buroker [Review]

 Combat Support by Lindsay Buroker
Combat Support (Sky Full of Stars #3.5) by Lindsay Buroker
Format: ebook
Source: purchased as part of the Orphans in the Black anthology
Date read: June 28, 2017

Sky Full of Stars
0.5. Smuggler Ship
1. The Rogue Prince
2. Angle of Truth
3. Stolen Legacy
3.5. Combat SupportKindle

Lindsay Buroker
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
After escaping from the medical research facility where she was isolated and experimented on for years, Masika has found a place among the crew of the Snapper. She likes the people, and she's finally doing something useful with her genetically engineered muscles. But her past hasn't forgotten about her, and when bounty hunters show up, she must worry not only about her own fate, but about that of her new friends as well.
Thoughts on Combat Support: Oh, man. I enjoyed seeing Masika's take on the different individuals aboard the Snapper. She's so matter of fact about her observations that I got a giggle out of it. Thorian's a brooder. Jelena's perky and most definitely NOT a brooder. Erick is...well, that's where things bog down a little. Because Erick is interested in Masika and Masika is still working on healing the wounds her attack left of her. Mentally, not physically. She's a little gun shy, you know.

And she's DETERMINED to be self-reliant when it comes to taking care of herself.

Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part, but I think Erick might finally be making a dent (a tiny, tiny dent) in the armor Masika has coated herself with.

Metaphorical armor, not real armor. Because that would be weird.

Anywho. Fast paced danger, witty quips (for the most part), and a few explosions. I'M IN!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Smuggler Ship by Lindsay Buroker [Review]

Smuggler Ship (Sky Full of Stars #0.5) by Lindsay Buroker
Format: ebook
Source: free for newsletter subscribers
Date read: June 28, 2017

Sky Full of Stars
0.5. Smuggler Shipfree with newsletter sign up
1. The Rogue Prince
2. Angle of Truth
3. Stolen Legacy
3.5. Combat Support

Lindsay Buroker
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Find out how Jelena and Erick first acquired their freighter, the Snapper, in this fast-paced adventure.
Thoughts on Smuggler Ship: Jelena's turtle-shaped ship is practically a character in itself. Jelena loves the battered thing to pieces (much like her mother loves her worn ship) and the crew has come to accept that the Snapper is their home.

This story lays out how she came to be in possession of the Snapper and, as one would expect from the daughter of Alisa Marchenko, there's a little bit of danger involved. Little bit. You'll barely notice. And no matter what you might hear otherwise, there is absolutely NO close combat fighting. Or animals that Jelena feels compelled to rescue.

Lying. There's ALL THOSE THINGS.

Seriously, the Marchenko blood runs true and Jelena can't walk away when someone needs her. Like her mother, she also inspires some thrilling heroics from her companions. Erick, I'm looking at you.

I always enjoy these glimpses into the characters lives outside of the main story and this one hit the spot.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Chaser by Kylie Scott [Review]

 Chaser by Kylie Scott
Chaser (Dive Bar #3) by Kylie Scott
Format: ebook
Source: provided through NetGalley
Date read: March 21, 2018

Dive Bar
1. Dirty
2. Twist
3. ChaserPaperback | Kindle

Kylie Scott
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Love isn’t always NEAT…

Bartender and all round bad boy, Eric Collins, has come to a crossroads. It’s time to take life seriously and maybe even attempt to settle down. If only the person he was hoping to settle down with didn’t turn out to be pregnant.

Starting over in a small town, Jean is determined to turn her wild lifestyle around and be the kind of mother she always wished she’d had. Since local bar owner and all round hottie, Eric, is now determined to steer clear of her pregnant self, it should be easy. When she goes into labor during a snowstorm and her car slides on some ice, however, it’s Eric who comes to the rescue.

There seems to be a bond between them now, but is it enough? And can Eric give up his manwhore ways to be the man Jean needs?
Thoughts on Chaser: Okay. I liked Eric in the previous books, but he wasn't exactly the poster child for personal responsibility. He liked women. He kind of had a laid back attitude where everything was involved (work, women, whatever) and his friends and family ended up covering for him on more than one occasion.

Plus, there was the whole *incident* with Nell. Which, you know, didn't exactly paint him in the most flattering of lights.

Guys, Eric surprised me. After being given some hard truths about himself, he makes an effort to change his ways. He's still Eric, though, so changing his mindset about certain things takes time.

However, meeting Jean gives him some added incentive to try to be a better man. He comes through for her when she needs him. Honestly, the first few times he steps in to help her, he really was doing it for her. He got nothing out of it.

It was sort of torture for him, but he did it. And then he came back and did it again. Even though her pregnancy scared the crap out of him and he was ready to bolt in the opposite direction at the drop of a hat.

Like I said, it took time for Eric to come around. BUT WHEN HE DID...he did in a big way. BIG way.

I liked seeing him like that. I liked how Jean made him want to be a better person. I liked how he started taking responsibility for his actions. I JUST LIKE HIM, OKAY? HIM AND JEAN AND ADA.

And revisiting old friends (and wildly manic friends who just can't stop needling people) made it all the better.

I’d been tricked. Betrayed.

After Andre and Jean ate their lunch, we headed outside to deal with her stuff. The cold wind suited my mood to perfection.

Talk about disappointed.

“Don’t lift that, it looks heavy,” I snapped.

Jean blinked. “It’s a pillow.”

“The world’s largest pillow ever. You can’t be too careful.” My gaze roamed over her swollen middle. “You’re . . .”

“Pregnant?” she asked with a voice dripping poison and sugar.

“Are you having trouble with the concept?”

“Absolutely not. I was just going to say huge, that’s all.”

She blew out an exasperated breath. “Thanks, Eric. That makes me feel so much better.”
“I just . . .”

“Don’t bother.” The woman turned back to her sensible, medium-sized SUV and got busy riffling through the contents. I was surprised she’d been able to squeeze into the driver’s seat.

Boxes and stuff took up almost every inch inside the vehicle. Each and every box seemed to have been neatly labeled with the contents.

The woman took her organization seriously. She looked over her shoulder. “You know, I can’t help noticing that Eric-the-smooth-moving-flirt has been suddenly replaced by Eric-the-awkward-jerk.”

“Well, you said you were single.” I folded my arms defensively across my chest.

“I am.”

And then there was an awkward silence.

“Yeah, but . . . I mean, in your condition . . .” I fumbled to a halt.

She turned, face all scrunched up. Like I was the one with the problem.

“Just hop out of the way so I can grab some boxes,” I said, voice gruff.

Still nothing from her. “It’s a second-story walk-up and you have a lot of stuff to get up there. You should be taking it easy.” Hands on hips, I tapped my black leather boot against the sidewalk, waiting her out. “Jean, I’m not trying to insult you. It’s the truth.”

She swore quietly, going back to fussing with the contents in the vehicle. I don’t think any woman has ever given me the silent treatment quite this quickly. Usually I’m good for at least a couple of hours after seeing them naked.

Man, I still couldn’t believe this was happening. God hated me or something. Pregnant women and me were enema. Anathema. Whatever. Now that I’d seen her out in the autumn light, however, she looked younger than I’d first guessed. Despite her tired eyes, her skin was smooth, soft looking. She was likely closer to her early twenties than mid.

“How old are you?” I asked.

“Why do you care?”

I shrugged one shoulder. “Just curious.”

“How old are you?”

“Nearly thirty.”

She sniffed. “I’m twenty-two.”

Young, like I’d thought. She was probably too immature for me, anyway.

“Come on, Jean. Let me get some of the boxes.”

Boyd ambled out of the Dive Bar, turning his head this way and that, looking up and down the street. I raised my hand and he started over in our direction. The big cook would make short work out of moving all this stuff. Behind us, Andre and Nell came out of the tenants’ entrance to the Bird Building. The place was a big brick building about a hundred years old. Just past the door was an entryway with stairs leading up to the second floor, followed by two empty shops, their windows covered in flyers about local events. Concerts and parades and shit. They’d been vacant for a while, unfortunately. Andre’s Guitar Den came next, then Pat’s tattoo parlor Inkaho, and the Dive Bar on the corner.

“Everything’s good to go. Alex and I gave it a cleaning last week just to be sure,” said Nell, smacking a kiss on Jean’s cheek.

“You’ll meet Alex later. She’s probably busy working or something now. She’s sort of a shut-in.”

“You two didn’t have to do that,” said Jean. “Thank you.”


Andre leaned against the SUV. “Your furniture got delivered yesterday too, so it’s all good to go.”

“Excellent,” said Jean. “I can’t wait to sleep in a decent bed again. Road trips when you’re seven months’ pregnant kind of suck.”

“I bet.”

“Who’s minding the kitchen?” I asked.

“Lydia will text Boyd if they need something,” said Nell.

“We’re only going to be a few feet away from the place.”

I frowned.

“I own the kitchen, Eric. Not you,” she said. “You’re in charge of the bar, that’s all.”

One of Jean’s eyebrows inched up slightly. So I might have implied that I was the sole owner. Shit happened.

I crossed my arms. “Fine. No need to bite my head off.”

“My best online friend just moved to town. We’ve been texting and skyping for months. She’s been an absolute rock for me through all the nerves of being pregnant again,” said Nell. “Stop messing with my happy.”

And then there was an awkward silence. Great. If only there was some way to get out of helping without looking like a raging asshole. The possibility of anything happening between me and Jean had been buried six feet deep, never to be spoken of again.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sagitta by Ruby Lionsdrake [Review]

 Sagitta by Ruby Lionsdrake
Sagitta (Star Guardians #3) by Ruby Lionsdrake
Format: ebook
Source: provided by the author for an honest review
Date read: July 1, 2017

Star Guardians
1. Orion
2. Treyjon
3. SagittaKindle
4. Hierax
5. Zakota

Ruby Lionsdrake
Website | Amazon |

Synopsis (Goodreads):
Dr. Tala Matapang thought the most challenging part about getting kidnapped by slavers from another planet would be escaping, not butting heads with the obstinate Star Guardian captain who rescued her. She’s been working in his sickbay, and it's refreshing not having to deal with the politics and bureaucracy she faced as a surgeon back home, but Captain Sagitta is as infuriating as he is handsome. He's got this crazy plan to take her and the other women home against his government's wishes, and he didn't even consult them about it first.

Captain Sagitta "Sage" of Dethocoles believes in doing the right thing. That's why he's defying his government to take Tala and the other Earth women home. Unfortunately, he has a couple of problems. First, his government is sending a surprisingly aggressive pursuit after them. Second, he’s having a hard time imagining dropping Tala off and never seeing her again. She’s a capable doctor and is doing an excellent job heading up his sickbay. More than that, he’s attracted to her and is starting to care about her. Too bad he’s better at barking orders than sharing feelings, and he seems to argue with her every time they speak.

With trouble stalking the ship from behind and obstacles blocking the route ahead, Sage and Tala will have to form a bond and learn to work together, or neither of them will see their home worlds again.
Thoughts on Sagitta: Uptight (according to this brother, at least) Captain Sagitta is on deck this time around and he's got his eye on the focused doc. No worries, she's got some eyes on him, too. Sexy, sexy eyes, if you know what I mean.

But before they get to the sexy times, Sagitta and Tala have to get through the danger they're facing. When we last left them, Sage had made the decision to defy orders and take the earth women back to their planet no matter what the ruling council says. As if that's not enough to worry about, they also run into an unexpected (and supremely unpleasant) surprise as they take a roundabout way back to the Gaia gate.

Despite all that, they find a few stolen minutes for romance. Sort of. It takes a while for both Sage and Tala to admit they like verbally sparring with one another and there *might* have been an inadvertent peep show to help move things along. Which just goes to show you should lock your doors if you need some alone time. Heh.

Tala's scientific know-how is put to the test, Sage gets to show his badass side when they come up against humanity's worst enemy, and the crew and ship and left in a very precarious position after all is said and done. I'm not worried, though, because Sage has a solid crew under him and the drive to get things done. Plus, those earth ladies aren't ones to give up easily. Just you wait and see.

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